Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What YOU can do to help support Cindy to demand the troops be brought home now

just got word that at least one woman, Caryn, in Phoenix is fasting in solidarity with the folks outside the Bush ranch in Crawford. more are joining from there too.

more on that soon, i hope


want to send a message to bush that you are insolidarity with the mothers and others? here are a few ways:

This is from Move On:

We're taking out an ad in President Bush's local newspaper in support of Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq. Cindy is camped outside Bush's ranch in Texas, asking for a meeting with the president. We'll publish the number of signers and the best comments in a full two-page spread in the Sunday newspaper nearest to Crawford. Can you sign and spread the word before the 3:00 PM Friday print deadline?

Air America Updates:

Tune into Air America's Morning Sedition for Cindy Sheehan updates every morning at 8:10 AM Eastern. Visit to listen live or check for a local station.

Support the actual vigil in Crawford with a contribution to Crawford Peace House


Join Diane in her hunger strike as she stands with Cindy at Camp Casey

Gather some friends and go to your busiest intersection with a banner that reads, "GEORGE MEET WITH CINDY!". Brainstorm creative ways to pressure Bush to come out of his coward's lair and talk with her. Tell us your ideas.

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