Monday, August 15, 2005

Music to build peace by

As you might have surmised, or not, I'm back in Tucson with my head a buzzing about what to do to move forward in our construction of a reality in which we are not at war.

I just received an email pointing me to a website where you can soon download the following song by Dave Rovics as an mp3.
The download is free and according to the email you can link to it or use the MP3 for
any purpose. Same goes for the other songs you find there, including many
related songs ("Four Blank Slates," "Waiting for the Fall," "When Johnny Came
Marching Home," many more). William Rivers Pitt has an article at entitled Every Mother's Son.

Chris Chandler has a new piece, too, which now has a video to go along with it, called "There's Something In The Air But It's Not On The Airwaves." It's the first link down after his picture on the site.

Here are the lyrics...

Song for Cindy Sheehan
David Rovics

Casey was a good boy
He treated people well
And his momma loved him
Anyone could tell
She'd send him off to school
Pack his lunch with care
When he came back home she hugged him
With her fingers in his hair
Cindy, she loved Casey
And when all is said and done
She is every mother
And he was every mother's son

When Casey was a little older
He spent his time each week
In that church in Vacaville
In the service of the meek
In the service of his city
In the service of the lord
With his momma in the pews
All the time they could afford
And if their love alone could save us
Then the world would be one
She is every mother
And he was every mother's son

People thought the priesthood
Was where he'd someday be
So some folks were surprised
When he joined the army
The recruiter told him
He wouldn't have to fight
Cindy hoped this was the case
And prayed for him every night
That was before they sent him
To the desert with a gun
She is every mother
And he was every mother's son

His truck had no armor
And when it came under fire
It and half the soldiers in it
Became a funeral pyre
Cindy, she was sleeping
The moment Casey died
And she knew she'd never see him
Standing by her side
There was no consolation
No safe place she could run
She is every mother
And he was every mother's son

The president, he told her
He died for a noble cause
But Cindy's wondering
Exactly what that was
Since they never found the weapons
And now that Casey's gone
It seems that oil is the game
And Casey was the pawn
Cindy's got some questions
And so does everyone
Because she is every mother
And he was every mother's son

Thanks to all the folks who send stuff my way!

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