Monday, August 15, 2005

More on The Raging Grannies

90 years of social justice actions for peace and freedom were celebrated in San Francisco at the gathering of Women's International Peace and Freedom. Tucson's own Grannies were prominently showcased for their attempted enlistment in the Army that resulted in their arrest and some notoriety when newspapers around the world and some network and cable tv coverage. Pictured are a Granny from Tucson, another from Michigan and another from Vermont in the foreground, and one other Granny from Tucson in the background wearing the red hat. Picture from

And on this arrest front... it looks like all individual granny and reporter and photographer cases have been dismissed. (Yes! This writer was one of them... so I'm very happy.)

Anyway, there is some great Raging Granny coverage at Check it out.

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