Friday, August 19, 2005

'She Rocks'

My friend Elaine sent this to me...

'She Rocks'
by Ian Reed
(Ode to Cindy Sheehan)

A mother vexed and grieving for her loss
Demands an audience with the coward king
Who hides in fear, and couldn't give a toss
(So long as media its tribute bring)

That one more soldier for his falsehood died,
That one more corpse is stacked upon the heap
Of broken bodies, sacrificed to pride.
So has he sown, why waits his fate to reap?

No bloodguilt feels he who would own the blood
Of Christ he spilled on Iraq's soil, once rich,
Such blood that from irradiated mud
Cries out, encamped beside a Texas ditch,

Where tears into the guilty ground have soaked
Decrying the Orthodox, this age's vogue,
To witness how, when virtue is provoked,
One voice can vanquish a chorus of rogues.

August 2005

(Polemics a collection of political verse assembled since 2000)

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