Monday, August 15, 2005

More folks from Tucson, AZ headed to Crawford

Okay -- Cindy is staying in Crawford until the end of this month, August 2005. Then, if Bush hasn't met with her, she will move the vigil to D.C. Half of this month remains. There is still plenty of time to get there and support Cindy and the Gold Star Mothers and Military Families and Iraq Veterans against the War who are sending a very clear message that families of soldiers, both those fallen and those still fighting, are not going to take the squandering of their family members' heroic sacrifices any longer.

Chicken hawks can squawk all they want, but these folks from military families are true patriots. They raised their children to honor our country and to revere the principles which make our country stong, and they are not fooled by political puppets of the corporations who speak in platitudes and lies. We are not fodder. We are America.

Sherry, Rebecca and Paula (and Debbie another Tucsonan I've spoken with who was at Camp Casey this past weekend) are on their way back to Tucson. My friend Lee will be heading to Crawford within a day and Keith from Food Not Bombs is trying to get at least 20 folks who want to go to Crawford rounded up so they can all split the gas for the bus. If you are near Tucson or between Tucson and Crawford and looking for a ride, give Keith (one of the original Food Not Bombs organizers) an electronic hi-dee-ho and Get on Up, Get on the Bus, Get to Crawford!

If you can't go, Please Make a Donation to the Crawford Peace House! to support the provisioning of those involved in the vigil. The Peace house is feeding, providing some laundry support, phone access, and A/C to the constantly replentished and still growing number of vigil supporters. (That is why Tucson Food Not Mombs is on its way there.)

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