Monday, August 15, 2005


I'm ecstatic. This little blog isn't really needed any longer. Now you three or four folks who regularly read this, don't go getting excited... I'm not stopping the reporting, extemporaneous spouting off, nor the collection and posting of snipppets about Cindy, The Grannies or anything else. I started the thread about Cindy in this blog to help a few friends who were headed to Crawford... and I figured if this was anything like the Story of the Raging Grannies being arrested here in Tucson that if we were exceptionally fortunate alternative and foreign media might similarly pick it up a week after the fact prompting some corporate news-T.V. coverage in the U.S.

I am smiling because this same-said corporate media seems to have accidentally ignited a wildfire. I suppose the story of a lone grieving mother doing vigil outside Bush's ranch was a very interesting one that all the reporters assigned to Crawford, TX just couldn't resist filing a story on. It perhaps fulfilled a slice of misfortune story niche while Dubya vacations/plans another war from his little tiny parallel universe there in Crawford, TX. Perhaps no bizarre fate befell a young white woman recently, or Cindy simply filled the news slot for misfortune befalling a white woman last week. In any case, newspapers from all over the globe have picked up the story, including regional U.S. papers who are finding other stories to link to the original one about Cindy. Turns out there are a whole lotta folks who are so fed up they are ready to head to a tiny town in Texas to support this woman. Some have lost children, spouses, siblings, parents in Iraq. Some have vivid memories of other wars and injustices that spur them to act.

I thought I really needed to put some stuff out there on the web so people could find it. There is nothing more rewarding for an honorably motivated activist than to find out there is no longer a need bang the drum or drop the banner from on high. I won't feel quite as guilty now if I don't get a blog entry out every day. And I will be able to host a vigil this Wednesday.

We are gaining ground and momentum in our march toward peace.

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