Saturday, August 13, 2005

From Sherry Through David Kaler

I get an "F" in blogging but an "A" in networking and giving
interviews. I've given over 30 interviews in the last 48 hours --
every television station in Phoenix is clamoring for interviews. One
station is sending a reporter to Camp Casey tomorrow to get an
interview. I'm doing daily updates on Phoenix radio and TV stations
and am told I've become the local "whipping boy" for conservative talk
radio in the Phoenix Valley. The local newspapers are calling daily.
In my many years of doing this work, I've never seen this kind of
response or outcry.

I've also done several radio interviews with progressive talk radio
shows across the country -- too many to remember. Most of these really
wanted to talk with Cindy but she can't possibly do all of the
interviews she's being asked to do. I need an assistant to keep a log
and to blog for me!

This is an incredible experience and a great privilege to watch the
birthing of a movement and that’s just what’s happening here in
Crawford – the anti-war movement is truly finding its voice.

Medea arrived yesterday. Tom Hayden is coming today. Maxene Waters is
coming tomorrow. We're told that buses and caravans are coming from
across the country and from foreign countries.

My plan is to leave on Sunday but I'm beginning to question that.
We'll see..... It's hard to leave history in the making.

I'm sending this to random people. Please share it with anyone else
who needs it. I'm rushing to go do another radio interview.

more later

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