Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bits Of Hope & Things To Look Forward To

There have been some great things happening that far outshone the minor annoyances of being a target for besmirching and such. I smiled and then laughed riotously (and laughter is a very good thing) at the image of a 73 year old VFW member attending one of Bush' canned audience events. The honorable vet wearing Bullshit deflector over his ear. What more can we say? The current attempt to depict the persons protesting or just questioning the war as members of a leftist fringe element is soundly debunked with this image.
You can find deflector patterns here here.

Here's another inspiring although far more moving link to an MP3 of Cindy Sheehan speaking upon her return to Camp Casey.

And one final fantastic article I read this morning is inspiring and explains the motivation of this burgeoning phenomena of women/mothers for peace. Julia Ward Howe called for all mothers to do just what Cindy Sheehan is now doing. Surely the authoress of The Battle Hymn of the Republic cannot be accused of having been a member of a left wing fringe.

And as this week winds down I will carry this inspiration with me as over the weekend I get ready to go to Phoenix to help show anyone watching that Bush isn't welcomedwith open arms in Arizona. The latest details I have on this is circulating in an email that in part give the following info.:
pResident Bush is supposed to be at the Pueblo El Mirage to speak at 10am. The location is 11201 N. El Mirage Road in El Mirage, AZ. (link to map)

Plan to be there well before 10am. The plan is to just gather outside the location and protest the war before his arrival and stay until his departure.
He is supposed to visit Luke AFB after he speaks in El Mirage. The time is not yet known but sometime in the afternoon. I may get more information soon and will let you know. People can gather on Litchfield Road outside of the base. There are three base entrances along Litchfield Road where people can gather. It isn't known for sure if he will make it to the base but he is expected to be there and the base in preparing for his visit in the afternoon.


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