Saturday, August 13, 2005

From Sherry through Caryn

Pink People,

I just got off the phone with Sherry. Bush is going to drive down the road past Camp Casey today. 72 cars managed to get on the road before the road was closed down. There are now about 20 police cars and a couple of convoys have passed. Anyway, she thinks there are about 300 people lining the road right now holding white crosses. One woman has been trying to collect signatures of the people at Camp Casey since Saturday. She has around 700 signatures. The rumor is that hundreds more people (busloads, even) will be converging on Crawford tomorrow since it's a weekend.

The Peace Movement is finally getting attention. So many of us have been working so long on this (and I'm a relative newbie) without being able to actually get the message out. I'm hoping this is the pivotal moment when the Bush administration realizes it can't ignore the will of the majority of citizens any long.

On the down side, Sherry and Rebecca were getting absolutely blasted on KTAR this morning. I thought about calling in, but I decided that I wouldn't actually succeed in teaching any of those particular listeners about the peace movement and it would just get me upset. So, I turned on 1010 (Air America)!

I'll see you at noon!

Tickled Pink,


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