Thursday, August 18, 2005

Vigil in Support of Cindy Sheehan

The vigil I "hosted" last evening in Tucson was one among over 1600 vigils held yesterday evening across the U.S. This particular vigil was only one of 4-5 big vigils held within the city proper. It was a great success. We had approximately 200 people attend, perhaps more. The delegated counter stopped at around 167 and people continued to arrive for another half an hour after that count. 135 people signed up and that was after I had to bump up the allowed number of participants above the initial 100 when we completely filled those slots. The response was overwhelming.

The candle light reflected on the various ages, sizes, shapes and hues of participants created a soft golden glow of support and compassion that stretched around the pubic property and sidewalk of thesouthwestern corner of The Tucson Mall. Visibility, access to parking, were key factors in location selection.

As an occasional participant in many local actions, I recognize the "regulars" who are the backbone of the Tucson activist community. Of the 200 folks at this vigil -- only two other people (plus myself) are regular protests participants with me being a relative newbie and only an occasional participant. Many folks had no idea there are other regularly scheduled vigils and protests occuring in Tucson every week. The participants were simply regular folks so upset by the disrespect the Bush administration shows to military families and the brave soldiers who fight and die for obscure, constantly changing, and increasingly obvious delusions and lies.

One of the most touching images that will stay in my mind was of the petite woman with her simply lettered sign that read, "Bring my son home."

Another woman, Corey, brought cards for people to sign that she she will hand deliver to Cindy in Crawford this weekend when she goes to stand with Cindy (and she had to go to get more cards when the first cards filled up within the first few minutes of the vigil because the response was so great.)

I am beginning to believe that the tide really is turning.

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