Saturday, July 16, 2011

Women and Political Blogging

I've been doing political commentary, occasional reporting, and general old rabble rousing with forays into political analysis for about 7 years. This blog has been going for 6 years.  My political commentary actually extends further back into the late 1990s if you count my pre-blogging Late Boomer blogs about the later half of the Post World War II Baby Boom. As Jimi said, "Have you ever been experienced?"

F*ck Erma Bombeck type blogs, I wish more women writers would take just a slight dip in the political commentary blogging world and get experienced.  Actually, I love a good humorous home oriented blog.  But we need you intelligent, liberal, progressive, thoughtful writers.  Unless I'm seriously misinformed BlogHer this year isn't even having a political track at the annual conference for women bloggers.  So... what does this mean? 

I don't know what it means – okay, everyone all together now, "Awwwwwww!"  But I know that lots of male readers expect a political blog to be about nothing but politics, but to give off an air of being able to descend into sports or WWII talk at any moment.  Women integrate topics more than men in conversation, thanks in part (according to my belief system) to women having a, statistically speaking, larger corpus callosum than men which allows greater cross talk between the hemispheres of the brain. 

I actually think it is very important to have cross-talk, crossover, cross-fertilization whenever reality is being discussed.  It would be nice to be able to analyze aspects of human interaction as discrete components, but life doesn't work that way.  So I happen to appreciate political conversations that cut away to include related aspects of school lunch program anomalies, car-pooling, and elder care as that is how women live long portions of their lives, simultaneously attending to children, parents, home, work, and semi-subconscious algorithm maximization to keep on top all this ---- hmmm.... maybe that is why so many women can't add political commentary to their blogs.   Actually, what we have to do is drop something so as to be able to add political awareness and discourse to our lives.  The thing I dropped was in the area of home. My house will never be clean, totally homemade dinners are an extreme rarity, and I gladly welcomed any and all of my husband's parenting skills in the parenting mix, even though the way he parents is nothing like how I parent, because I did not want to give up my avocational affair with political thought just because I became a parent.  So something had to give.  It was house work beyond basic hygienic standards.  If anyone in the house didn't like it they were free to take up the slack. 

But most folks are not like me. Understatement!  But I would like to figure out a way to get more women blogging about our government, elections, what public servants need to do, and the like, well before next year, a presidential election year.  I'm thinking about creating an every week event from now at least through November 2012.  Stay tuned.  More information about this will be coming soon. 

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