Friday, July 15, 2011

Fragmented Friday #2

Difficult week for me -- I think I'm a bit overwhelmed by the seriousness of the game of chicken the haves in D.C. are playing with the lives of the have nots  and all the while other stuff of huge importance is going down:


New website at  shows how ALEC gave the govbots and teabots their marching orders and drafts of laws the corporations wanted produced in 2011 by their stooges.  This is a must read, share, tweet, blog.   

"Earlier this week, the truly intrepid investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill published in The Nation one of the most significant political exposés of the year. "  reported Glenn Greenwald for as reported on Common Dreams." Seems we still have illegal secret prisons, in Somolia.   


The GreenBay Press Gazette ran an editorial that commended the people of Wisconsin on taking their electoral duty seriously even though the right wingers wasted taxpayer funds on an unneeded primary where Republican plants ran as Democrats against the real Democrats. It is worth a read. 


"Obama to meet with Dali Lama tomorrow,  defying China." as published on Raw Story. 

Far Reaching:

Sure seems like Ailes probably tapped phones in the U.S. according to this story. 

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