Sunday, July 17, 2011

Boating Accident

I had planned to write more on political and cultural takes on mega-corporate manipulations of media today, but after picking up my hubby at the airport, having lunch, and having a nice little Sunday snooze, I found out a canoe my son-in-law was in was run over by a motorboat piloted by a 17 year old boy.  My son-in-law was floating about, reading and enjoying a late afternoon on the water during a lake vacation in the mid-west and boom, life changes.  He was in surgery for several hours as vascular surgeons tried to save his foot.  We won't know for a while as to whether the surgery was successful.  Thank heavens they were near a level one trauma center.  But why was someone who obviously did not have the necessary training, skill, nor experience to take a craft out.  Idiots. The daddy of two precious little 7 month old twin girls may never be able to run with them because someone with lots of disposable income let their spoiled kid play with a lethal toy without proper safety training.  I'm angry.  He is alive and for that we are all very, very thankful. 

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