Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fox Falls

With Rupert Murdoch's British Empire falling apart, the rippling of repercussions expanding onto this continent, the crumbling radical right of this most extreme of states, it looks as though the propaganda machine that this News Corp. is finally being recognized for what it is.  Almost.  

In 2003 the FCC Federal chaired by Colin Powell's son Michael, ruled News Corp could buy control of Hughes Electronics and its DirecTV satellite operations from General Motors.  This gave him an in-roads, not only into cable and print, but into control of rural areas, limiting the range of information that could easily be accessed by large swaths of rural America.

If I didn't have a website that I need to finish for a friend by Friday evening I would do more research.  But Google document searching is not turning up, easily at least, the info that I know about Murdoch, that I remember as events going down.  It doesn't surprise me that the wacko sites are the ones that come up on the first many pages of searching.  Powerful men can hide truths.  But even when they bury them such truths can return from the grave.  For now I have to post this.  But I will return to it.

I pray that the evil bastard, Murdoch, is really going down.  Now I would just like to see the media talk about all the shady, dirty and evil acts to which he has been connected.    

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