Monday, July 11, 2011

Republicans Lost Track of Reality

Strategy equal to that of Republican maneuvering coming from the Democrats?  Seems so.  Last night I went to the Sexy Liberal comedy tour with Stephanie Miller, Hal Sparks and John Fugelsang.  I wanted to see what the progressive intelligencia had to say. One of their one liners summed it all up. "You can't clean up 8 years of elephant dung in only 2 years."  

Long term thinking about the betterment of the citizenry was an American Hallmark during the first two Centuries of our existence.  But we lost our way and lost sight of the facts.  Americans are experiencing something that can happen to cultures after 6 generations. One type of mystical thinking happens when an event or person no longer has any relationship to someone actually connected to an event.  A
child can know his or her grandparents but it is rare for a child to really know and interact with a great grand parent.  This is absolutely true for pre-antibiotic and pre-modern hygiene eras. It is still mostly true for current times. So if a grandparent tells you about interactions with his or her grandparent, you are tapping out the direct connection.  Beyond this point you can create a mythical ancestor or even a god.  (This is all basic stuff they teach you when you study cultural systems.)

Republicans have been thinking and acting long term and they have been creating mythical ancestors of all sorts.   Democrats have been putting all their cards on the table and thinking short-term, expecting people to act reasonably.  "Reasonably" and "in your own interest" are not always, and in fact often, the same thing.  Republicans are, as I was taught by my Daddy, supporters of Big Business and Democrats are supporters of Regulating Big Business.  Political, cultural and governmental generations are longer than current population generations. Informational generations are cycling in even less time.

Here is where the Republicans got into trouble.  The myths that they created a few generations ago are being believed by their political grandchildren.   You always have to be careful not to believe your own propaganda.  Stories that were invented with really slanted interpretations of the facts in order to achieve a political end worked.  But unfortunately for the grandfathers, they did not make sure that there progeny understood the bull crap they spouted was bull  crap.  At some point you have to call a steaming pile of crap what it is, shit.  This is how dynasties fall. If you start believing that you really a god, you are in deep doo-doo.   The hi-jinks that the steroidal state governments have been pulling recently will end in extinction because they are eating their seed stock.   The political ruling class apparently forgot to educate their children or became so un-selective in their breeding practices that they totally lost touch touch with the reality of how long term plans are implemented.

More on this topic another day. And by the by-and-by, I'd love to say Democrats are also guilty of these errors in strategy, but Democrats are not enough of a united group to have a strategy. 

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