Sunday, July 10, 2011

Political Cynicism Squared - Contemporary Feudal Lords

Just ranting here.

At times it is hellish to try to keep my attitude positive and one aimed toward developing solutions to what I see as major needs in the in world in which I live.  I want to help maintain and expand local information and resource exchange among us have-not folks as the system crashes around us. I have seen and linked efforts with women coming together to make it clear that war is antithetical to everything every a sane mother hopes for her children.  Not so very long ago people I grew up with suggested not so indirectly that I was committing treason by voicing my belief that the Iraq War was totally bogus.  I haven't actually said, "I told you so",  but I have come close.

I am an optimist in spite of what I see all around me.  We can have significant impact on what happens around us.  More than most of us know.  That is why I keep on trying to change things.  

Being on the right side of historical interpretation isn't fun in this case.  I see the U.S. disintegrating before my very eyes, a process I've watched all my adult life.  Bush senior negotiated to keep the U.S. hostages in Iran in 1979 until Ronnie Rayguns in all his early Alzheimers splendor could follow the script written for him by the mid-twentieth-century conservative power brokers that were working since the 1960s to find and back just such a puppet, including taking credit for the hostages release creating warm fuzzies to herald the neo-con dismantling of all that made America great in the 20th Century.

Mythology is very powerful.  In America everyone who didn't really pay attention to how power was made and distributed bought into the silly belief in upward mobility and that he or she could become one of the ruling class.  The basic mistake here is that regular Janes and Joes confused upper socioeconomic class with upper societal class.  This is the old new money versus old status, networks and mega money confusion.  Having accumulated enough money to make them and their children comfortable does not allow themo join the ruling class.  The mistake the nouveau-rich made was believing they could act like old ruling money.  Rather than deciding to live moderately better than they had previously, the folks who wanted to conserve their neo-riches, beyond the level of what is ethical or socially responsible, fell into serving the rulers just as the landed gentry have done for centuries until the current game ends and the new one begins with the same old ruling families.

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