Friday, June 10, 2005

Spew Index.

Once again I woke up and went to make coffee without turning on the news. This quiet peace in which I read real, self-chosen news stories from around the world lasted until my husband woke up and turned on CNN. We're both news junkies, but I've reached the spew index. That is the ratio of news to infotainment within any given broadcast. I personally can't tolerate anything approaching even 3 to 1 and many purported news programs have an index above 1 to 1. I begin to get queazy at 3 to 1. True nausea sets in at 2 to 1. By 1 to 1 I spew. Dry heaves set in above this.

So how do I get my news?

Democracy Now. I listen to it on KXCI Community Radio, watch it on Access Tucson Television, and try to find a friend with Dish Network TV when I travel.

The Daily Show. Jon Stewart may be on Comedy Central, but there is no upset tummy with him. And he has guests who are more significant than most of the talking heads circulating ad nauseum through the commercial/corporate media.

The Snooze Hour.

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