Thursday, June 09, 2005

Building Peace and Aware Language Usage

Just got shivers up my spine from seeing an image on CNN. Bush with a sea of blue police from a police academy in Columbus, OH behind him. It was most reminiscent of images of Hitler and the Brown Shirts. There. I've already played the Hitler card in the first post so we can just get on with it. I believe Bush Jr. is building a fascistic state. We need to build a peaceful state. We must envision peace. We must not live in a world of reaction. That feeds power into the thing to which the reaction is aimed.

Language is powerful. We must speak out. I do in many ways other than blogging. But... communication is humanity's most powerful tool. We must take the discourse back into the realm of reason, constantly and in as many ways as possible. Visualize peace and work toward that vision. Framing. It is called framing. I first ran across George Lakoff's work years ago when I read his book Language as Metaphor, but his recent mainstream work Don't Think of an Elephant brings the concept of framing into realm of everyday language we can all use to direct language toward achieving our goals. Corporations and Corporate Lackeys, Dupes, and Stooges in the business and political realms know these tactics and use them. We must teach ourselves and regular folks who make up our daily lives these techniques so we can use them and so we can recognize such tactics when corporate controlled media and the government use them.

Act. Do not react.

*** WARNING ***

This blog will contain spiritual language. Progressives must come to terms with their connections to goodness and "godness" in the broadest most open armed manner possible. Only through this can we reclaim conversation about peace and peace building as shown us by the many enlightened teachers we honor. Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Gandi. See what I mean on the Rockridge Institute's web page.

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