Thursday, June 09, 2005

Meet me in D.C. - Sept 24 -26, 2005

I've tried to add Audio Blog capabilities, but I can't get through to check it out. Busy...busy....busy....

It's true that I love web bells and whistles, but that isn't why I'm trying to add this feature. When I travel in the Hard Hearted Heartland in August, when I join the hundreds of thousands of folks for Three Days of Action to take back our country and stop this obscene "war on terror" that is a sham with it's focus on Iraq and has made those of us who live in the U.S. less safe, and when I then zip off to Manhattan for some unwinding at a wedding, I would like to be able to call in reports and not have to have a laptop with me and have to find a free hotspot (especially if I engage in CD).

So eventually Audio Blogs will be a part of this site.

I was a rather young girl when I first realized the disparity of access, rights, responsibilities, duties, and resources between the have and have not in the U.S.A. But as a have not I was lucky to be bright and have a couple great teachers. I was encouraged to become a journalist. My writing abilities landed me scholarships. Growing up dirt poor and having elderly parents made those scholarships a lifesaver. (Women in similar situations today face losing the few such lifelines to higher education that still exist.) But instead of studying journalism, I drifted from major to major gleaning all the information I could about society and how it worked, was said to work, and how it worked for the ruling class -- all the information I was denied as a poor child. I was a peace studies major, economics major, clinical psychology major, and anthropology major as an undergraduate. I pursued graduate studies in anthropology and semiotics. But other than letter writing, sending the occasional contribution to a non-profit group, and working outside the corporate world, I was not an activist in any real sense until early 2003. In just two years I've become integrated into women's networks of peace building. It doesn't take long.

Anyway... you should join us in D.C. I think this will be as big as the rallies and actions in February and March of 2003 or the March for Women's Lives in March 2004. Come. Learn. Participate.

I haven't been an activist for all that long -- I became perceptably active (as opposed to comfortably numb) in the months before Dubya's declaration of war on Iraq. If you want to read about the zeitgeist in the DC area that touched and spoke to me -- read and view all the info and links at Kirsten Michel's site.. I particpated as part of the throng, but made connections to sane women working for peace.

We HAVE to make it clear we will not stand for this unjustifiable war build on lies and treason.

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Kirsten Michel/Ecology Productions said...

Thank you for mentioning me on your blog and for putting a link to one of my websites. I'm just finding it now and it touches me that you mentioned me. My Peace actions (along with my Ecology actions) are the deepest, most heartfelt important ones of my entire life. It is an honor to stand up for Peace and Ecology.
Thank you again.
My websites are:

Kirsten Michel
Ecology Productions