Saturday, June 11, 2005

Impeachment. What a Peach of an Idea!

I'm going through a bit of culture shock. We spent last evening at the home of friends who don't seen that much older than us. Yet, it was the last evening for them at that house. They've decided to move to a 55 and over condo. Neither of them are retired. But it is so *bleeping* weird. I guess age doesn't mean much.

The buzz among all the folks at last night's gathering was impeachment! And this morning I received several emails directing me to website. It is a very good start for pressing our purported legislative representatives to appoint a special investigator to thoroughly and independently investigate the Downing Street Memo or the Downing Street Minutes as it is being called on The Hill.

This is a very good sign that people are perhaps starting to realize that there has effectively been a coupe d'etat in Washington and it is time for us to take our great country back from those who would use their administrative power to their own ends. There have been impeachable offenses and criminal actions throughout the G.W. Bush administration.

The copy of the letter I sent through Ted Kennedy's website follows:
The most egregious abuse of power in recent US History, and perhaps ever, appears to have taken place in the time following terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in NY and Arlington and continues to this day.

The serious threat of fundamentalist extremists to our country is real. Why are we not pursuing Al Qaida with all our might? Why are we not utilizing our National Guard Troops to guard chemical plants and nuclear power stations in our country?

The Downing Street Memo appears to answer some of these questions. If indeed President Bush neglected real and present dangers to our land, people, and allies in favor of pursuing the take-over of Iraq long before UN inspections were deemed ineffective, and if indeed data was selectively used to support a false case for war based on non-existent weapons of mass destruction then impeachable abuse of power by the President and prosecutable crimes against our country and people have been committed by several of the top level members of the G. W. Bush Administration.

As my representative in the government I am asking you to speak out about the need to investigate the Downing Street Memo and follow up with a special judiciary investigation of the administrations actions. The integrity and indeed the future of our great United States of America pivots on this issue and is in your hands. The world is watching.

We are expecting you to do the right thing; not be a partisan puppet.

We must keep up the pressure. We must be the change we want. We must build peace, not declare war on war.

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