Sunday, June 12, 2005

How to tell a battalion from a division.

It's easy....

(although Curt Weldon can't tell the difference and had to ask Joe Biden which is which)

We've lost a battalion of soldiers. 1,694
A division has been wounded. 18,219

Shouldn't Representative CURT WELDON, (R-Pa.)who serves as Vice Chairman of the Armed Services Committee know the difference between divisions, batallions and platoons? Today on "NBC NEWS' MEET THE PRESS" the ignorace and ineptitude of the Republicans in charge many key processes was made woefully apparent when the topic of the state of training and the number of trained Iraqi troops was discussed.

"And if you look at those troops that have a level one capability, which mean they can operate totally on their own without backup of U.S. support, it's not the size the numbers that are being reported back home here in America.

MR. RUSSERT: How many would you say it is?

REP. WELDON: I think it's around three divisions.

MR. RUSSERT: Which is?

REP. WELDON: Was it 80,000, Joe?

SEN. BIDEN: No, it's much less. It's three battalions.

REP. WELDON: Oh, three battalions.

SEN. BIDEN: Three battalions. You're talking about thousands, Tim. Not tens of thousands.

REP. WELDON: And the point was that, you know, we all support the effort there.

How will we ever have peace when idiots (or at least folks who don't know anything about what they are in charge of) are in power?

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