Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rambling, Synchronicity & Stuff in the Offing

No time to write (and that really means research as after the research is done the writing happens as if by magic.... yeah right on a good day....) involved posts in the last week. Immediately after returning from BlogHer 08 I came down with a hellacious case of cold/flu. Now I'm really behind and I have to return Rae's call about blogging and/or Second Life involvement of CODEPINK in the DNC and RNC activities, protests, marches and street art. Of course there is work, my personal life and my non-blog writing. Oh there is also the intermittent activity with the property back in Indiana. If I start sounding sloshy it is just because I am drooling in my shoes --- too many things going on and I can't really piggy back any of them on each other. AND ---- my cat has started taking the occasional crap on the thrown rug in our bathroom in front of my husband's sink.

Speaking of smelly disgusting things, check out this pic of the diagram from Salon about the overlapping criminal spheres and which scum bags were involved in which treasonous activities. I can't bring myself to use the namby pamby word "scandals" for these overt criminal acts of deception and hundreds of other misuses and abuses of the judiciary and unconstitutional attacks on privacy.

diagram of conspiracy.jpg

On Slate you can click on the various plots, ugly actions, and crimes against the constitution and the various criminals and find out a bit about the facts and interpretations of actions. Well worth checking out.

When I start to get too over-heated with steam coming out of my ears about the state of the nation (not to mention the world) I've found that hunting for public domain out of copyright images (see below) for import into Second Life, and playing Scrabble on Pogo.comis really a good getaway from politics and the frustration I feel about politics.



Okay, that's it for now -- next time -- P. W. Songbird.

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