Sunday, August 03, 2008

Week in Review: Baby Steps Toward Justice Just a Diversion

Ted Stevens' indicted for falsification of documents yet Halliburton continues on unscathed though they broke contracts, failed to deliver on what they had contracted to do, and allowed men and women to be killed for no purpose rather than profit.

This McClatchy article links to all the pertinent documents on the Stevens indictment. This DPC report links to House testimony and supporting documentation of abuse.

So what has McCain done for the people of Arizona this week, or ever? Oh, we know he helps out his buddies such as Don Diamond but really what has he done for Arizona? Someone, please help me out here. Seems to me like he is only around Tucson for photo ops with Bush, or to meet with corporate interest groups. I'd loe to have some answers to this question.

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