Friday, July 18, 2008

netroots & blogher joint session

twitter as a support tool
gives reg. folks undeniable voice and reach.
it's been fun too
celebs and pol. change. -
how to reach nonpolitical folks -- what political social networking tools -- harry potter & sirius black - dumbledors army ---- dumbledoors army in the real world
myspace ---bands -- wizards rock the vote --

"voldemore can't stop the rock"

love of a mother for her child is the greatest force

36 million women on line and blogging and they are talking about politics

mommy bloggers aren't just about potty training


twittering.... facebook...

streaming netroots blogher and live from the web and twittering
reflexivity on reflexivity
fractal communication

darfur tibet myamar/burma..... allow supportive action and giving

all this intersects.

we need to become the traditional media and have it take a back seat

world domination