Friday, July 18, 2008

What we believe: how to take names and be taken seriously as a political blogger.

Morra Aarons-Mele,Fausta ,Mona Gable, and Shark Fu (Pamela) are the panel members that will be speaking at this session of BlogHer '08 and I will be posting while in this session, probably about the session but maybe not.... who knows?

This is the "first" session I've attended. I was on a panel in SL this a.m.


Anonymity and political blogging.

Comments versus getting out there.

The bias question.

What actually happened versus the take on it.

choose your battles

tone vs. true to yourself


both news in one post and perhaps later doing a commentary on the same topic

dont think before you hit publish (Shark Fu)

Personal entries within a political blog
do you talk about your children brothers spouses etc.?

do you use your kids pics?



Facts. Do they exist?

Show, don't tell. Quote, reference.....

question on networks.... some don't network with comments at all. some do. some answer comments, most don't. but serial volunteerism is one persons network. one is cozy with sources.

you are a source.

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