Monday, February 05, 2007

Meta musings on one women in Peace Work.

At times I cannot believe that I am doing what I'm doing and have come to where I am from where I began. In my own mind's eye I am still the girl who grew up on a Hoosier farm. No farmer's daughter jokes, please. I still view myself as the student who was terrified to stand up and speak before the class. So how did I end up living in a house with other women from around the country who are engaging in actions in the offices halls and galleries where the governance of the United States takes place? I've been thinking about the great distance I've covered in my life because of the justaposition of places I've been and processes I've been involved in this past week.

We can do something about the war. Each and everyone of us can take some small action. Do we know what actions any action will lead to...? Nope. Can't ever know. We'll never know what influence our actions will have either. We all have imperceptable influences on the world around us. Everything in this amazing living world is known only through the negotiaiton of meaning between beings whose perceptions are engaged in the process of life. Every breath we take has consequence. We might as well nudge the influences and consequences toward the light.

It is sort of like raising my daughter -- my husband and I laugh that the trick isn't to establish her pheonomenal talents, it is to engage them in use for good rather than evil and to establish those actions as habitual.

I'm sure Molly Ivans parents could not have known the masses of people the world over who would hail their daughter as marker of light, humor and truth in her path through this dark, unhappy world.

We never know what life has in store for us, all we can do is keep on keepin' on and attempting to do good whenever we see the opportunity.

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