Thursday, February 01, 2007

Brief notes on actions.

Today several Pink House residents engaged in "Chain Gang" street theater outside the Scooter Libby trial here in D.C. Bush, Cheney, Rice were depicted on large bobble heads worn by women dressed in black and white old time prison garb who were connected to each other by chains.

The visual image is quite clear. Our purported leaders belong in prison.


There has been lots of discussion about the degree of cooperation we should extend to the Capitol Hill Police. We all believe we should be cooperative and pleasant even when arrested. The amount of heads up given to the police before an action remains up for discussion. These guys have real security with which to concern themselves. At the same time we feel that we are the voice of the people and convey a critical message. Only a couple bad eggs have abused their power and told individuals that they would be given no warning before arrest. We also still encounter officers and guards who tell us that we cannot wear shirts with messages on them. This was settled after their fiasco with Cindy's removal from the State of the Union address in 2006. As Ann says, "We can wear what we damn well like." The courts have already ruled on this.


Project Occupation begins Monday February 5th.


Walk in Their Shoes continues to have great impact on the House members who receive and continue to receive shoes representing the children killed in Iraq. A long term installation will be set up soon in D.C. More info coming. If you have a public spot and would like to host the exhibit, and live in the D.C. region, contact CODEPINK D.C.

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