Tuesday, February 06, 2007

McCain. Oppressor.

Sad that I'm not in D.C. or AZ with all the essential actions going on. Yesterday there were near simultaneous actions in D.C. / Tucson / Phoenix / Tempe in McCains offices.

McCain and his staff have the power to determine whether they want someone arrested or not for any and all actions in their offices. The decision to arrest folks engaging in free speech was totally up to McCain and his senior staff. Guess who doesn't support free speech.

10 people were arrested in D.C. in McCain's office.

10 Activists were arrested in the launch of the Occupation Project at Sen. McCain's office. Those arrested included CODEPINKers Sandee, Joan, Victoria , Eve and Midge.

In Tucson, only two persons were allowed in McCain's office so most of the action went on outside the building.

The two folks inside (Lee and Gretchen) read a letter in McCain's office as did the folks in D.C. with four demands: a public declaration that the Senator will vote against any further funding for the war in Iraq, introduce legislation to give returning soldiers full healthcare benefits, introduce a Senate Resolution that would serve as a companion bill to HR Resolution 508, and introduce legislation for the appropriation of U.S. funds for reconstruction in Iraq to neutral humanitarian relief organizations that are not connected to the U.S. military presence in Iraq.

Their were also actions in Phoenix and Tempe, including the reading of the names of the dead and the presentation of pairs of children's shoes tagged with the names of Iraqi Children killed in this war to McCain staff.

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