Monday, February 12, 2007

Just Another Day on Capitol Hill - True Progressive

Just another day on Capitol Hill
Part 2.

Essential lobbying of CPC (Congressional Progressive Caucus) members who have not yet signed on to HR 508 – a resolution that contains all the elements of the CPC Position on U.S. Policy in Iraq – was the priority of the day.

I decided to start this task with a pleasant group of folks in Representative Raul Grijalva’s office (AZ District 7). Raul signed on to HR 508 on January 17th. So I thought I would quickly pop in and ask one of his staff if they had any suggestion for “working the audience” so to speak. When I stepped out of the elevator on the 4th floor of Longworth and started for the hall Raul’s office is on I stopped and waited so as not to intrude on a photo op Rep Grijalva was giving several young men who had met with him. So I tiptoed around and into his office. As I was requesting time with a staffer, Raul came in from the hall so I said hello, thanked him for his work, and mentioned I was representing CODEPINK Tucson. He smiled and stepped into his office and gestured for me to follow. Come in. Come in.

I hated to take up his time as he is one of the few Representatives that has a true progressive aligned voting record, but I explained I was looking for advise he might have on any wavering or malleable folks in the House per 508. He saw I had a list of CPC contacts that had been assigned to me and he asked to see the paper. He went through and noted several folks that I wouldn’t have to lobby as he would mention their omission in signing on to them directly and that he was sure he could correct what must have just been overlooked by these folks staff. He thanks me for my efforts so I thanked him again, but rather than have this turn into a mutual admiration society we switched to small talk about where the pink house now was as last summer it was two doors down from his. We parted with his telling me to keep their feet to the fire.

It is good to know there are some true public servants remaining in the house. Does my heart good.

Then I had to switch gears as I visited Gabby Giffords (AZ District 8) next. That will be Part 3 of this epistle.

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