Thursday, June 29, 2006

Win for Election Integrity is Official! AZ SB1557 Election Reform signed by the Governor!

This just in from Gerry at PDA AZ:

Ted (Downing) called to say that it’s official, the governor has signed the bill, as some of you already know, and it is law.  This couldn’t have happened without  every single one of you writing, calling, praying, walking, flyering, petitioning, analyzing, organizing, writing, calling, praying...  Thanks so much for caring so deeply about our democracy and putting heart and soul into this effort.  Please read Ted’s note below, which he wrote before the governor signed, and take the time to thank and congratulate Ted, and also the Republicans who took the lead to get this through. 

We don’t know, even with the emergency provisions, whether we will have all this in place for September.  And, we’re not out of the woods yet, I just talked to John Brakey, and he and the technical experts will put together a list of red flags to look for that should cause us to ask for hand recounts over and above the 2%. 

And stay tuned for a celebration at the next State Committee meeting, at Flagstaff, where we started this fight a year ago.

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