Saturday, June 10, 2006

Christian Nationalism, Newt Gingrich, and Mail Fraud

In my ever ongoing attempt to decode the frames used in media and launch alternative terminology,

I am now using the term "Radical Right " (and no I didn't coin the term) rather than religious right, as the right has no authority to claim religion as its territory. That is what we are allowing them to do if we use that term. So.... anyway..... when I was doing some research in this area I stumbled on and the term Christian Nationalism. What is Christian nationalism? Yes, you do need to know. Click and read.

Newt Gingrich
resurfaced (from the depths of hell) this week.

This is interesting synchronicity for me as I hadn't thought about the slimy amphibian who personified the "Contract ON America" (as we know know what it really was-- a hit on democracy) for ages and the Contract On America surfaced when I was watching C-Span. Yes, I do have a life, but sometimes I have to do things like watch C-Span as there is no other way to know who is raping and pillaging my rights...) Lest I digress too much, I was viewing the House sessions on Friday when Rep Tammy Baldwin (D. WI) attempted to stop H.R.5252 -- what is called COPE (Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement Act of 2006 ) on a point of order. She explained this eloquently, accurately, and unfortunately to no avail. However before the Republican controlled House acted illegally in my estimation dropped kicked her concerns off the House floor, Rep. Edward Markey, D- Massachusetts, spoke in support of Baldwin's attempt by reminding the body that what she had brought forward was true and the the Congressional Business Office had already determined that H.R. 5252 contains an unfundable mandate and as thus violates a 1995 law brought forward in the Contract for America. So what this means as far as I can tell is that the Republican-led House is forwarding legislation that will put greater federal control and centralization in place over communication utilities (both televised and via the internet) in direct defiance of what these current folk's buddies promised to the American People in the Contract with America. What this all means is that these bought and paid for stooges are doing is selling the internet and cable tv to a very few megalithic corporations that will charge for access to content on the internet and will kill Public Educational and Governmental TV which locally or regionally controlled cable companies agreed to fund for the right to have semi exclusive rights to cities (no one wanted 15 different companies puttingin underground or pole suspended cabling of different incompatible types) so cities contracted with a single provider to install the infrastructure and provide the service. This is why there was regulation of such entities before the Ronnie Rayguns era. Regulation keeps robber barons from being able to monopolize and extort. Free enterprise only works when business cannot buy control of government. And that is just what has happened. When this monolithic control is finally in place, Christian Nationalism (or another tyrannical totalitarian sect) will easily control the U.S. It was your call folks, you couldhave stopped this.

Who is sending mail to the mayor with my name & return address?

Whoever it is must be stupid because he or she didn't put enough postage on the envelope, so it was returned to me and I'm now hot on the trail of this person who has commited a federal crime. No. I haven't opened it. It is in a sealed plastic bag waiting for the Postal Inspector's office to open tomorrow.

Odds "N Ends:

P.S. Rocket Boom isn't a kids show.

P.P.S.: Al Gore will be on CNN's Larry King Live this Tuesday evening.

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Anonymous said...

Interseting you mention Mr Markey, he authored the cable regulation that was supposed to save us users money but in fact the price went up the day the law went into affect (no i didnt keep my befor and after bills) but facts is facts. it seems to me every time the government decides to protect me the cost of what ever service they are protecting me from goes up, now i'm sure thats not the case but 90% would probably be acurate.