Friday, June 30, 2006

More Grannies for Peace Arrests

This time it was 10 Grannies in Philly. And speaking of Grannies getting arrested...

We're coming up on the one year anniversary of the first Granny arrest in the nation. It was July 13, 2005 when Tucson's own Raging Grannies went to the Military Recruiting Station on Speedway Blvd., read a statement about their oppostion to the war and the travesty of sending young people to fight, kill, and die for lies, and how if the country really wants to squander lives, then at least take them--allow older women who have already had full lives to enlist. They then sang a couple of their creative and singularly definitive songs and left. At no time did the recruiters even acknowledge their request to enlist. The police showed up after everyone had cleared the private property as requested and called people back on to the parking lot to arrest them... even reporters and bloggers (such as moi) who were just covering the event. Of course the charges were eventually dropped. How time flies. One thing is the same: Our children are still being sent to fight a corporate oil war -- and one more year has seen the third tour of duty for some of these soldiers. The criminal nature of the war grows as soldiers are used up emotionally and psychologically beyond all limits of human endurance. Just look at the mass murders, rape/murders, coverup of murders of civilians by trying to stage scenes with corpses to falsely depict insurgents.

When, when, when will we be able to talk about this war in the past tense?

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