Saturday, April 26, 2008

I will post Tucson Freeway Blogging signs if you send em to me.

Even though Tucson has no freeways, I think it is time to start freeway blogging again.

People are getting complacent or burned out. I know I'm burned out, but I think it is time to start a new freeway blogging campaign for war crimes prosecution, impeachment, a truth commisson (a la South Africa) .... something. And I think we have to bring it to the people directly.

Here's how.

Find cardboard.

Paint white.

Let dry.

Get overhead projector.

Project word (in typeface) from overhead transparency onto cardboard.

Trace the word in pencil on the painted cardboard.

Fill in the traced word with black paint.

Allow to dry.

Load in vehicle.

Get bungie cords or thin metal coat hangers.

Put in vehicle.

Allow extra time whenever you drive.

Look for good spots to post signs on public thoroughfares (inside the mesh or well off the road so no driver vision is blocked).

Find access road to freeway vantage.

Put on orange vest to look like road worker if you like.

Get materials.



It is all in video -- I just outlined it.


Send pics of what you have freeway blogged to me and I will post them here.

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