Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hitchens Blasts Clinton on Tim Russert Show

Just listened to Tim Russert (that was my first mistake) this a.m. with Christopher Hitchens (Vanity Fair & Slate and Andrew Sullivan (Atlantic and Daily Dish). Hitchens as always was controversial for our society in his Atheism and rabidly secularist viewpoints, but his facts are usually right on and easily verified. If what Hitchens discussed this morning takes root in the popular psyche Clinton's goose is cooked.

Hitchen's argument:

Hillary made Bill hold back on intervening the Bosnian crisis in order to not diminish energies and focus on her health care initiative. Much of the genocide occurred due to calculated delay in intervention that Bill had passionately promised.

Hitchens, who has been described as the the thinking man's Ann Coulter, goes on to allude to the unabashed self-focus of the Clintons is extremely dangerous as there is no orientaton but money and power.

It all does make me want to dig into obscure files and find out if any insiders have talked about these reasons for the delay in intervention.

The pair up between Sullivan and Hitchens was great entertainment though. Info from MSNBC about this show isn't up yet on the website. It is still showing March 26.

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