Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Liz from Arizona"

Women from all over the country are leading the way to peace. There is an absolutely incorrigible part of myself that wishes I could be more active now that our efforts are getting noticed, but like women during the entire history of the human race we have to juggle extremely complex requirements of family and community life. These demands never allow for easy, guilt free choices.

At the moment I cannot be in D.C. leading and maintaining the charge to peace. Thank heavens Liz is there speaking clearly to anyone and everyone she possibly can speak to.

I was so proud this morning when I clicked on a link to the article "Democrats break their promise to voters to end Iraq war" in The Final Call and read extensive quotes from "Liz from Arizona" in the piece.

I'm trying to remember the first time I met Liz. I can't. I can't imagine a CODEPINK in Arizona without her raucous give 'em hell attitude, her johnny-on-the-spot handshake and look 'em in the eye greeting that meets local precinct level politicos and John McCain with equally fierce determination, preparation, as well as sincerity and amazingly spontaneous sound bytes that distill and convey the essence of the issues that mean the most to the common person on the street. And somehow she manages to do this freshly each time with words that speak intimately and to the heart of the person she is with.

I remember Liz coming down to Tucson to support the Grannies after their arrest (that was thrown out) for attempting to enlist in the Army. I remember Liz handing out water and sunscreen the to children, the elderly, and everyone in between who stood in searing 114 degree heat to make a statement with their presence as the President and his convoy of black SUVs with rear gates thrown open and machines at the ready to mow us down as Bush was rushed from Air Force Base to securely gated community at the edge of Phoenix. I remember Liz looking totally bemused unbelieving as to her state of attire as she was fully decked out in a pink fairy godmother costume (complete with wand and crown) in order to give DNC members the balls to stand up for peace in order to grant the American people's wishes for the Democrats to sprout pink balls of courage and stand up to the war mongers. I could continue with stories of Liz's fierce determination to make a difference -- her "Breakfast with John" actions on thursday mornings in front of John McCain's office in Phoenix where she dons a hood and orange jumpsuit and lies prostate on the ground as another person enacts the torturer stance.

Never let it be said that one person cannot make a difference. In Arizona or Washington, D.C., Liz is making a difference because Liz is being heard.

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