Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Media finally covering women's voices against war.

I am so proud of the pink women! Finally the message we carry is being heard beyond our own non-amplified voices.

I am including an email I received this morning.


As debate continues to heat up over Iraq, CODEPINK's message is more and more in the news! Liz from Arizona's photo came out in ROLL CALL in the PINK POLICE outfit and this morning she is being interviewed on FOX. Dana (NY) will be on CNN tonite and Medea continues to do many radio and tv interviews both national and international.

We all need to be so brave!

Des in DC

So many women doing what needs to be done. Like always, it is up to us. If we want it done we have to do it. Des is from Texas, Liz from AZ and Dana from New York. When women initiated movements arise the populace should listen -- listening is difficult when voices are silenced. It is heartening that the movement has grown to a size that can no longer be ignored by national media. Listening is easier for large groups when there is amplification. This gives me some cause for hope.

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