Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Who are the best soldiers to send to D.C. to take back our country?

I watched/listened to the State of the Union Address at an LD 27 Democrats organized function at The Vaudeville last night in downtown Tucson. It was very well attended. Bush Bingo was played by all busily checking off how many buzzwords were used by Bush. An occasional marshmallow was thrown at the screen. Boisterous opposition filled the air throughout the address. It was good to see and hear opposition from some mainstream folks.

I did become very concerned at the end of the evening when I gave a G. Giffords representative in attendance a set of pink balls (or ovaries) to remind her that the majority of the Democrats want a pronounced return to democratic values, beliefs and representation by our Democratic leaders not Republicrat middle of the road pro-corporate platform. When I asked this representative about why Giffords didn't announce her intention, like Jeff Latas, to run before Kolbe announced that he would not run for re-election -- I became aware of a very disturbing viewpoint in at least some of her camp. The response I got, although I do want to say straight up that he abolished for it later, was that No, she didn't attempt a "suicide run."

This is what has been wrong with mainstream Democrats here in AZ and elsewhere for far too long. These people who did not announce their intention to run against Kolbe because they believed that they could not defeat Republicans are chicken. And unless they have come out against the continued presence of the U.S. in Iraq, they are Chicken Hawks. Such a defeatist attitude should not be rewarded. Jeff Latas was brave to serve his country in the Middle East and to serve for 20 years. His brave decision to run before Kolbe announced his retirement suggests a fierce dedication to America and I hope last night's unfortunate words will be the only character assassination attempt because a candidate stood up for what he believed in before the CD 8 race became a no incumbent race.

I personally cannot imagine wholeheartedly supporting a person who apparently follows the Old Boy/Old Girl network belief that one inherits a turn to run and party support merely by some sort of seniority. Giffords inherited her father's tire business which she sold to the competition, I don't want her to do the same thing with a Congressional Seat.

I would love to be able to vote for a woman, and I do think it is imperative we get both houses filled with representative numbers of women, but right now, this year, I want the person who can best represent us and is best positioned to take back America and rebuild our severely damaged Democracy to represent me. I personally hope every one of the Band of Brothers: Veterans for a Secure America who are running for office this year, including Jeff Latas, wins. These guys and gals will have the authority to speak the truth about this war in a way that other candidates will not. These guys cannot be depicted as soft on any security or military issue. Check out their petition (and sign it!) to have the RNC to stop attacking Veterans and their heroic records for political reasons with campaigns of lies and support them!



Ethan said...

I have been mulling over how the Dems might regain power on the national level, and I'm starting to think that perhaps a viable third party must necessarily emerge. It could be the pessimism talking, but I'm not seeing much to put my faith in when the Dems can't collectively make a stand, and hey, persuade people to support their positions.

Off topic, is there an email address that I can use to reach you? I wanted to talk to you about the post from 2005 that you referenced at Burning Bird. Or, I can be reached at visionthingblog-at-gmail-dot-com.


Artemesia Pax said...

I tend to agree that we need a third party... but... our system is set up to be two party. We need to get third party candidates in locally and change the laws so that third party candidates are not handicapped in getting names on ballots.

artpax at gmail dot com will reach me.