Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jennifer Harbury on Torture

Just saw a very interesting presentation on Book TV on C-Span 2 by Jennifer Harbury of the information in her new book: Truth, Torture, and the American Way published by Beacon Press. She presents a lucid detailed accounting of the whole sordid story of U.S. torture. Her recommendations -- broader more flexible base (outraged Republicans too), be heard in a unified coherent message. Points from the Q & A Session: Torture (especially rendition) is covered under the conspiracy law... Rumsfeld should be prosecuted. Intellectual authors, and order givers must be included in justice actions. Torure has created conditions where it will be much more difficult to achieve the aims of the torturer. Torture creates an after war appetite for violence. For example the rape and mutilation of women in Guatemala is greater than in Juarez is related to the number of individuals brought into death squads and no back in the normal citizenry.

She suggests: join first monday of the month telephone campaign. Organize local events -- use the material on the UUSC website.

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