Sunday, February 19, 2006

Counter the Nazis in Orlando

For those of you who believe in the power of prayer, or the power of focused energies, here is an area on which to focus for the next week. For those of you with cameras and the freedom to travel to Orlando, FL, here is an opportunity to shed so much light on the darkness of a hate group that they utterly fail their mission this upcoming weekend.

I received in the inbox this a.m. from a sister organizer in FL:
This is a request for prayers, meditations, and any
other form of positive energy you can send in the
direction of Orlando.

There is a white supremist group, National Socialist
Movement (NSM), planning a rally in Orlando on
Saturday afternoon, February 25th. This is the same
group that rallied in Toledo last October and incited
all sorts of violence. Again, their chosen location
is a poor predominantly black neighborhood. Their
stated goal is to ?take back the streets of Orlando so
they are safe for white people.? This is a Nazi
group, they?re serious, and dedicated. The Orlando
Police Department denied them a permit; NSM filed an
injunction against OPD and won. So they?re coming
whether we like it or not.

The local chapter of CODEPINK and other peace groups
in the area are planning to be in the area. Our goal
is to counter the message of hate with one of peace,
love, and non-violence. My request to you is to
please focus positive energy on that area and to
solicit others to do the same. We need you now.
I'm sending this out in hopes of generating enough attention that the hate mongering cowards will run away like rats or cockroaches in the light.

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