Thursday, July 21, 2011

As Emily Latella Would Have Said, "What's all the fuss about this Gerry Manders, and what does the Beaver have to do with Politics, anyway?"

Sometimes I think I should have named this blog Peace Bitch.   I do a lot of bitchin'.  I try not to whine or moan, but I do bitch.

Today I spent some time thinking about migraines, sexual harassment in the House of Representatives, business cards, and hair color, and cats.  The last three items are not appropriate for this blog so I will cover them elsewhere.   Like I think I expounded upon a few days ago, women are multi-taskers by nature.  I cannot stick to one thing all day.  If we had more women in the House and Senate there would be no stalemate about remedying the intentional default that will send us and a whole lotta other folks around the world into a global depression.  We would have to have some variation in our subject.  We just aren't inclined to work all day and come home and fondle the remote control all evening. We need more stimulation than that.  Yet another reason to support increasing the number of women in elected office.

Migraines probably have very little to do with whether one Rep. can do her job or not.  Her dedication to many beliefs and practices far outweigh her loyalty to and sworn duty to upholding the Constitution of the United States. That is the crux of the problem with her - not unresolved personal issues and conflicts that are stressing her out to the point of her body wanting to make her head explode.  (Aside:  as a woman and a migraine sufferer for 15 years of my life I can say these things.)

But... speaking of elected office,

Carolyn (a friend) posted a link to this on Facebook:
Andrei Cherny: "Arizonans, whatever your party I hope you'll contact Gov. Brewer at​asp and the Independent Redistricting Commission at and say the partisan interference with and intimidation of these citizen volunteers needs to stop. "
I think this may be one of the single most important efforts being made in Arizona today!  We have no chance of ever having a normal state if the grossly skewed partisan manipulations of citizen representation are not removed from infrastructure.  We cannot let this effort be nuked! 

Wordless Wednesday #2

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