Thursday, April 14, 2011

Compare the Budgets Offered -- ALL of Them

Platitudes aside,  if you are at all interested in the budget of the United States of America you owe it to yourself to at least compare the 3 options on the table.  In spite of the warm and fuzzy comments emanating from many of the progressive media sources yesterday, President Obama's budget talk is not a budget and lacks details, so there are really only Ryan's plan that decimates our government and way of life, the Democrat's plan that is getting little airplay, and the Progressive Democrats plan that has gotten no attention from national media.  The deficit reduction committee isn't a budget as such but selectively looks at programs with an eye to one end only - deficit reduction. 

Reuters ignores the Progressives Budget entirely in its Fact Box.  Ryan's proposal for the Republicans gets all the air play so you probably are familiar with it.  The Democrats' proposal isn't getting too much attention specifically, and the Progressives are getting none.

Too many supposed reporters and journalists are commenting that once again we will start with concessions from Obama and move toward the Republican points through "compromise."  This is a farcical negotiation.  Look at Ryan's proposal and look at the Progressive Democrats' proposal and then end up left of Obama's -- that is what should be happening.

So do yourself a favor,  as should our legislature,  and use the info from Jeffrey Sachs' overview of the PDA budget (starting at 1:25 seconds into the video) as a starting point in negotiations and not Obama's which is where negotiations should end up, not from which to begin.

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