Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We Are Escalating Actions! You Must Also.

At a women's meeting last evening in D.C., women from all over the country gathered together to determine actions and priorities from now until our Senate and House shutdown the madman who is steering our country and the world over the falls. The message pure and simple is threefold:




War with Iran (which is imminent) must be stopped. It will start a chain reaction. We bomb Iran. Iran retaliates. Israel retaliates. Russia retaliates. Dr. Strangelove is ready to send out those planes (only they are ships). This isn't just a feel-good information campaign. We are calling for every person who hears this message in his or her heart or soul to begin immediate civil disobedience actions.

Things we have heard people are doing --- lip-sticking every glass and mirrored surface in the country. NO IRAN WAR.

People also should think about how to safely shut down business as usual in the United States through traffic stoppages. Three cars abreast on major arteries driving very very slowly during morning rush hours. Perhaps cars will begin to "stall" in critical intersections at critical times.

Bush's next insane escalation will trigger true world war. We must stop him. Please act now. If not our world will have a truly Silent Spring.

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