Monday, November 28, 2005

Bush Visit is Misuse of Government Funds

Okay... we knew Bush was coming to Phoenix several weeks ago. But it was only a few days ago that he decided to come to Tucson for a few minutes before heading to Phoenix. This touching the Tucson Tarmac to justify using taxpayer funds to pay for this AZ trip typifies the disregard Bush has for the law and the people. He sees nothing wrong with sticking the taxpayer with the expense of transporting Bush and his vast entourage to a Republican Fundraiser.

The "meetings" had no public audience, no real business was done, it was just a photo op during the hour plus he was on the ground in Tucson.

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New American Rebel said...

B.S. Bush had plenty of reason to come to Tucson. Bush was pushing his immigration plans, just like he travelled the nation to push his Social Security plans. Maybe Bush could have gone to some other town in Cochise County, but he would not have had anywhere near the draw as he had in Tucson (Pima County). In addition, Tucson is the red-headed stepchild of Arizona politics. It gets no where NEAR the attention Phoenix gets. To visit Tucson rather than just Phoenix was rather responsible, showing attention to all parts of the nation, not just the big cities. In addition, I heard of no talk Bush gave in Phoenix. Yet he spoke in Tucson. Sen. Jon Kyl, of Arizona, has a competing immigration bill. I believe Bush was trying to garner support of his own immigration plans, while undercutting Sen. Kyl's bill. This is entirely legitimate politics.

I think I've written enough to give more justifications for the visit than you even bothered to write in your own entry, but let me ask you this: where are all your criticism of Klinton and previous Democrat presidents traipsing across the country? Be even-handed or find something else to gripe about, perhaps something legitimate.