Friday, November 25, 2005

Bush on the Border November 28th

Just before Thanksgiving Day, Bush announced that he will be in Tucson on Monday just before appearing in Phoenix at a Kyl fundraiser. That man has been here way too often.... three times in AZ in the last year, not to mention his slimeball "brain" Rove. Of course Dubya the Dumb can only safely appear on military bases or at extremely loyal "haves and have mores" constituency fundraisers. In Tucson he won't even venture off base. Begack for super chicken. Just how vile Kyl really is should be evident by the fact that he believes association with Bush won't hurt him... or perhaps he will pull out like Kolbe just did... (and GHWB should have... sorry, couldn't resist.)

Anti-Bush, Pro-eace, Pro-human rights protestors will gather near the DM gates -- Davis Monthan Air Force Base Swan/Golf Links entrance.Map of E Golf Links Rd At S Swan Rd. There are thousands of reasons to protest... but he's speaking on Border issues so I'm thinking about making a sign saying, "No More War - No More Imaginary Borders"

I think everyone possible ought to paint a peace sign on their roof before Monday so when the chicken hawk flies over he will know how Tucson feels about his immoral and illegal war in which he has sent so many to their deaths. Pink peace signs are best but any color would do! Follow Lucy's example -- almost three years ago she painted this one on her roof that just happens to be on the DM flight path here in Tucson.

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