Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hey Radical Progressive Groups in AZ, Read This!

I'm was twittering away earlier today with Dana hoping to arrange a social drink together the next time I'm in her part of NYC and she then forwarded this to me via Facebook, so I'm taking the liberty of posting it here as an informational node to which you can direct your compadres for info without having to sift through any FB game postings or other equally annoying blather that you might find on my home page.  
This is a potential funding opportunity for the likes of truly progressive, border and peace groups in AZ and there aren't that many sources out there other than individual benefactors.  I know that over the years when I was organizing CODEPINK Tucson I probably personally spent around $10,000  bucks on travel, housing, event prep, printing and fabric that my family could have used for very non-frivolous items, so I know how much this could mean to a local group, and the individuals who are sacrificing some degree of their own "best interest" to keep a true grassroots group going.  Pass this on a.s.a.p. to the folks in the groups you know who can officially respond with a Letter of Inquiry by September 1st.  Let's infuse some funding into the sensibly radical progressive groups of Arizona, especially Southern or Baja Arizona!  
Who knows, I might just try out for some funds for a group I happen to know of!  

Dana, by the way is one of the young women I met and first worked with way back in 2004 when she was just a baby activist.  I'm so proud of her! 

I know you know social justice orgs that need money... 

by Dana Balicki on Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 12:36pm

Hi friends!
I'm doing some work with the folks over at Funding Exchange ( and their grant cycle is starting soon--I thought with all the amazing work you do in the world you'd know some groups that would want this info.

Their 2 current grant programs are:
Social Justice Collaboration Grants: Supporting cross-issue and cross-geography coalitions that create more impact than any one organization can do on its own.
Bold Frontiers Grants: Expanding our reach into areas that have neither a local FEX-affiliated fund nor a strong progressive movement. We are particularly interested in hearing from organizations from Arizona, Texas, Ohio, south Florida and New Jersey.
Here are a few of their questions to help folks determine whether or not they are applicable...does this sound like any groups you know?

Building Community Power: Is your group led by and/or accountable to the people who are most directly affected by issues of social, racial, economic and environmental justice?

Getting at the Root of the problem: Does your organization identify and address the root causes of your social, racial, economic, or environmental justice issues? Yes or No

Changing the System: Does your organization mobilize your community to work together to change the political, social and economic policies, systems and institutions that perpetuate injustice?

Lack Mainstream Support: Does your organization have a hard time accessing mainstream funders because you are too radical, cutting edge or controversial?

So if you know groups like this, please share the link below with them. Letters of Inquiry are due by 11:59 pm (Eastern Standard) on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2011. They don't fund projects by individuals (sorry artist friends with amazing projects!)

Help spread the word! Thank you for all you do!
I've sent an inquiry about the problematic date,  as Sept. 1 is not a Saturday.  Will post correction here as soon as I receive the correct info.  

So go ahead.  Forward this link, right now, to at least 3 people linked with progressive Tucson and or Southern AZ  groups you know of who could really soar with just a little bit of funding! 

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