Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Rules - A Review for Progressives

  • Call a pile of elephant dung what it is - a pile of shit. You can be "more proper" and say, "that is unsupported assumption."
  • Ask for facts.   When someone spews crap ask for references supporting the crap.  Do not engage in crap dissection. 
  • Call 'em on double speak.  "Job creation" is the new phrase that is interchangeable with "trickle down" economics. 
  • Keep "news" persons on task.  Don't let "news" persons and commentators sidestep the issues.  When a journalist asks a question and it isn't answered by the person being interviewed, call it out.  Email, phone, text - do  something - to contact the journalist or journalist's boss and to say that allowing an interviewee escape answering a question is not doing the job of journalist.   Demand an explanation. 
  • Take the high road.  Don't take the easy road.  If you are a progressive you will have to read and do research.  Use what you learn.  Yes, it takes work. 
  • Verify.   Don't repeat rhetoric without doing your homework. 
  • Ask proprietors to turn off FOX, or change station, any and everywhere you encounter it in a public space. 
  • Push back, then go around, under, or over, and move forward.  
  • Call street theater what it is - street theater. 
  • Ask who is funding programs, people, and groups. No, many groups do not have to disclose, but why not disclose?  What are they hiding.  As the question.  Don't stop asking the questions!

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