Friday, February 18, 2011

Rant About Lazy Citizens

I’m so tired of idiocy; Uneducated, close-minded, easy answer seeking schmucks!

People close their eyes to everything political around themselves for decades if not all of their lives, then when manipulated by large, powerful corporations or their surrogates, these blue-collar rubes fall into line behind the people and groups who are selling them down the river.  Yes, I am aware of the slavery metaphor.  I am also aware that processes are two-way exchange systems at the minimum.  If you are a slave then at some level you are condoning the behavior.  We can resist.  We can refuse.  And even though it feeds energy into the existing system we can fight.  Yes, you might feel the force of the waves you make.  You might be roughed up.  You might be killed. 

Everyone who doesn’t want to make waves in a corrupt system is a chicken shit.  I am tired of the weak willies and the small time operators and overseers who profit from the corruption in a small way. 

There were huge (read million plus people) demonstrations in D.C. pre-Iraq war.  No media coverage and complete collusion with an illegal and corrupt administration.  There is enough evidence in the new Rumsfeld book to demand a special investigation.

The Ronald Regan Administration’s arms for hostage deal opened the flood gates for strengthening terrorist actions that created the extreme religious terrorists that are everywhere in the world.   The same administration funded corrupt regimes and thugs throughout the mountainous regions of South Central Asia and Central and South America.  And the very same administration deregulated everything that is now destroying out economy, as well as allowing out media to be purchased by foreigners, something that is antithetical to a democratic country. 

The “war” on drugs did nothing but channel funds and energy into the producer countries and the cartels that support them and now prop up a prison industry that begins channeling children into the industry when they are still wet behind the ears. 

If we do not take down the corporations RIGHT NOW and restore judicial integrity the world will descend into total chaos before climate change and the 6th extinction take us there.  If we act we may be able to survive the now inevitable global climate change and 6th Extinction. 

This country had a few basic things right at the outset: 
  • Keep religion out of politics. 
  • Reject monarchy and the inheritance of governance. 
  • Allow commerce but regulate it. 
  • Create a government of, by, and for THE PEOPLE. 

I’ve just about had it.  I reject violence as it ultimately feeds the thing you attack.  But it is time for serious action.  

-     Keep your purportedly Christian Religion out of my life and government. 
-     Tax the rich.  Tax inheritance.  Tax estates.  Consolidation of wealth and power by a few families is antithetical to every belief embedded within the foundations of our government. 
-       Regulation is protection of the people.  
-       Commerce is to support the economy/livelihood of the people not to amass corporate wealth.
-        People need to work together, collectively, to be the government. 

Freedom and democracy requires work, and most people are too *bleeping* lazy or greedy to want to participate in the hard work and political struggle it takes to have a democracy.  I understand the libertarian position, but we have to have Federal level infrastructure.  You cannot have a country as big as ours, or a population as large as ours without taxes, regulation and infrastructure. 

I am absolutely convinced that the only way we will be able to survive as a people, a free people, is if the women of the United States complete our revolution and redirect our resources back to democratic action that allows all our beliefs to coexist through a collective and cooperative infrastructure that benefits the human family.  

I will talk about what got me so riled up (there are several things) in another post.   

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