Monday, August 17, 2009

Pro Public Healthcare Turnout in Phoenix is HUGE!

It's been a long, long time since I posted here.  Many fires each with many irons. 

I'm writing from the Fair Trade Cafe & Gallery @1020 N. 1st Avenue in Phoenix... just across from the Roosevelt/Central Ave. light rail stop (metro?)   Just checked out of a fairly priced room at the Lexington that we got on  This morning we met up with the Democratic contingent to welcome Obama and publicly, visibly and vocally support public options for healthcare for all.

Compared to some of my past actions this was vanilla.  I am actually a bit perturbed that our President is caving to corporate interest and withdrawing from public options and he is still using drones to kill civilians.   

I carried a black sign that read in pink duct tape letters,  "A.I.G. killed my brother! "  I now feel like I've done a little bit toward the working for justice in health care that my brother Max and I talked about the last time I ever saw him.  He was dying from a recurrent, but slow to metastasize cancer that had been successfully managed for 15 years while my brother worked at a factory.  When he retired his health care coverage situation changed and he could no longer get routine screening to catch the cancer in its earliest stages.  I wanted to stay in Indiana and be with him, but I had driven through just to see him on my way to the Counter-Inaugural that January.  He told me to go and continue working for justice and equality.  It was hard but I left him and went on to D.C. knowing that would be the last time I would ever see him, hug him, or talk with him.  He died two months later in March of 2005.

Saw Arizona Lizzie -- Ms. CODEPINK  .   So proud of her!

Finally today I stood out in public FOR health care for ALL amidst the wacko effigy-lynching, Glock and AR15 carrying right wing nuts. 

Just had a wonderful conversation with Raquel from in the coffee house.  Perhaps we Dems are finally learning to work together.   Wouldn't that be wonderful! 

More later.   These are just initial basic impressions.

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Anonymous said...

The world sees America as

"Government of Big Business, by Big Business, and for Big Business", honest Joe, is not enlightened by the "big business media", who depend on big business for advertising $$$$.

With reference to Health Care Reform, all senators should declare if they have received any "contributions" from the health industry or related business; "Yes" or "No" and this must be posted with their vote on health care. Better still they should be barred from involvement in writing or voting on the bill. This will give "honest Joe" a chance for decent Health Care.

Most other countries would call these "contributions" bribes .... except in this country when the recipients of these monies make the rules!

The simple truth is that Health Care in this country is so expensive, because of the hundreds of millions of dollars paid annually to health care executives.

Through their lobbiests, These executives have the funds, through their lobbiests, to buy out enough senators to destroy health care reform.