Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm thankful for the brave women of the peace movement.

Ann Wright, Jodie Evans, and Medea Benjamin are in Iran on a citizens diplomacy mission. I just finished reading a blog entry from Jodie. Thank heavens for citizens like them. They are such a disparate group: retired military, green party and fair trade activist, and political and eco campaigner and activist. I have met and talked to and protested with and shared floor space and food with Ann and Medea more often than with Jody, so I know a have stronger impressions of Ann and Medea than Jodie, but I know each of the three is dedicated to working for peace in the way every CODEPINK activist knows peace must be created -- through person to person contact and understanding.

These women have blazed some amazing trails. I never thought I would travel around as an activist, but for me trekking to D.C. to be a main street lobbyist has become "normal." The paths these women opened up were just too tempting for me and thousands of other U.S. women to resist following.

With diplomacy once again an officially sanctioned mode of interaction, who knows what sort of wonderful connections could be forged or furthered by women who read Jodie's blog entry about her travels and are inspired to undertake their own diplomatic missions.

We rarely know what impact we may have on people -- but we can know that if we work for good in all our interactions that well, we should have positive impact. Enough of those little nudges can move a planet.

So read Jodie's recounting of the things these three women are up to, and then be thankful for all we have and then go out and change the world.

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