Friday, October 10, 2008

Act NOW or kiss your freedom good-bye

The Bush Coup is happening.

The coup occurred on October 1, 2008. An armed insurrection has taken place.

Press your District Attorneys NOW to arrest the Bush Administration.


Chris Dashiell said...

I'm a bit skeptical, only because the ruling class itself is deeply divided--much of the establishment is actually against Bush at this point. Would the military cooperate in a coup after the way Bush has screwed them? Hard to say. But Wolf does us a great service by alerting us to possible threats.

nfh said...

I understand. This is a very good summary of the current state of affairs no matter what. The troubling elements include the deployment of U.S. troops within the U.S. for "crowd control" and the unknown nature of so much of the bailout. I think we need to show our outrage over the deployment and get that deactivated. Asking the City Council to refuse Homeland Security funds for militarization of the police also makes sense, and the call to have DAs issue warrants for Bush and Cheney's arrest also seems like a VERY reasonable thing to do before pardons are issued.

capello said...

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